Thursday, April 27, 2017

On Duty

Thursday has started with the usual admin whilst the Silver Vixen headed over to Urban Cub to baby-sit Ellie while Urban-Cub went to get her hair cut. Once Ocado had delivered and the Gorse Fox had put everything away he headed off to join in the grand parent duties.

Baby Ellie was quiet when the Gorse Fox arrived, but soon woke and started to be a little fractious. This corresponded with and inbound call from Cousteau-Cub. Ellie was handed to the Gorse Fox and the phone was handed to the Silver Vixen. The Gorse Fox started to pace up and down to try and sooth her, and the Silver Vixen chatted with Cousteau-Cub.

We stayed on until late afternoon, then headed home (stopping at the Chinese take-away en route). While we had been out, the nice man from Amazon had delivered the Gorse Fox's new jig. Fortunately, Two Hats had been home and taken the delivery. As the evening TV flickered in the corner, the Gorse Fox read the instructions for the jig and started to think about tomorrow's sawdust stories.

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