Thursday, April 13, 2017

Old Designs

The Gorse Fox decided to make the most of the fact the garage was empty and his tools were easily available.

A couple of years ago he designed what he called a "desk tidy". It isn't really for the desk though. This unit is designed to sit on a feature in the corner of the study that squares off the diagonal that would be caused by the staircase below. The unit is designed to contain a number of cubby-holes that are designed to house "Really Useful Boxes".

The wood was purchased a couple of years ago and was even had a coat of primer applied. All the Gorse Fox had to do was mark up the various cuts and the rebates and get started. It was fairly easy and with glue and the nailer was soon prepared and assembled. A coat of undercoat was applied with the spray-gun and then the Gorse Fox cleared up and left it all to dry overnight. Very satisfactory.

Meanwhile, the Silver Vixen has been filling up the new cabinet in the family room.

The Gorse Fox isn't quite sure what has come over him!

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