Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It was a cold but bright start to the day. Barely a cloud littered the sky - though some hight cloud formed by late afternoon. The Gorse Fox started the day in a clumsy frame of mind. Clumsiness is one of his pet hates - and particularly when it his own. He managed to drop the glass cover for his big sauté pan, while cooking breakfast. It hit the floor and though the toughened glass survived, the handle was broken. This seems like a job for some superglue... or failing that, a replacement lid. Doh!

Football was on the agenda. As usual we all met up at Worthing and formed into the oranges or the yellows. This week saw the Gorse Fox playing for the oranges. Cruncher John was back for a few days - if the Gorse Fox had known, he might have worn body armour. As it was, it was another player that got crunched this week and had to sit out the last 10 minutes or so, nursing a bruised rib. Overall, and despite Cruncher, it was enjoyable as usual, and though we lost 3-1, the Gorse Fox feels that he played particularly well, so isn't too disappointed.

Back home the Silver Vixen was getting ready to go out with her Pilates group for afternoon tea. They are celebrating the 60th birthday of their instructor. The Gorse Fox isn't sure whether Worthing is quite ready for this... but he did see some police riot vans heading that way along the A259.

Meanwhile the Gorse Fox did a bit of shopping then spent the afternoon listening to music. One of the pleasures of Amazon Music (like Spotify or Deezer) is the availability of a wide selection of playlists across all genres and featuring music that you may not otherwise have heard.

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