Saturday, April 01, 2017


The weather was forecast to be showery. The forecast was wrong. It was really quite a lovely day. The Gorse Fox made the most of a clear schedule and disappeared into the garage. It had been a couple off weeks since he last did any work on the new unit for the family room.

He started by filling in some of the blemishes in the surface (caused by the nailer), then while that was setting up, he returned to the laptop to search for the hinges that he would need. Eventually he found a set in the Homebase website. Nothing goes smoothy, however, and there was only one pair at the local store. The nearest store with two set was in Portsmouth and the Gorse Fox didn't fancy going there on a Saturday morning. That could wait. The Gorse Fox did, however, manage to find the correct door knobs from Screwfix. By now, the filler had set up and the Gorse Fox was able to go and start sanding the unit. Once that was done the Gorse Fox used the band saw to rip the moulding to the correct width and formed the moulding round the top of the unit. Once fitted, there was a bit more filling to do and then the Gorse Fox was done for the day. There wasn't't a great deal more that could be done without the hinges... or without a significant clear up in the garage (and that can wait!)

We popped round to see Urban Cub, Pistol Pete, and baby Ellie during the afternoon. It is clear that they are all very relaxed and beginning to drop into a routine. This makes things a lot easier for them and there is an air of contentment in the home. Even Scrumpy, the dog, is settled and sees it as his job to protect the new addition to the family.

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