Saturday, April 15, 2017

Getting on with things

The last couple of DIY projects have interrupted the Gorse Fox's normal schedule. Knowing today would involve some long waits whilst paint was drying the Gorse Fox resolved to catch up on some admin.

First on the agenda was to get the first top coat on the desk tidy. This didn't go very smoothly as the sprayer seemed to splatter whenever he started it up. This would all require sanding back once dry and then re-coating.

Back indoors, whilst waiting for the paint to dry, the Gorse Fox got stuck in to the last few weeks accounts. Clearly there has been a change to the Money Dashboard aggregator that he uses and this meant that he had some fiddling about to do before everything was correctly accounted for. Once downloaded and cross-referenced in the spreadsheet, the Gorse Fox could start work on the small pile of documents that, whilst dealt with, had not been scanned and filed yet. Once that was done, and the backups triggered, the shredder could go into overdrive and dispose of all the paper.

The Silver Vixen spent the morning Spring cleaning the Orangery - which is now looking spic and span. We had a light lunch then the Gorse Fox headed out to the garage. The splattered paint spots were sanded back and the sprayer test fired to clear any blobs... and then the final coat was applied to the desk tidy.

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