Friday, April 21, 2017


The Silver Vixen wants a corner unit for the living room. This needs to nestle in the corner behind the TV and fit it with the rest of the furniture. We have asked in places such as Oak Furnitureland, but have found nothing that fits the bill.

The Gorse Fox fired up Sketchup and started his design with a list of what features are required and what would be nice. Then the drawing started... and stalled, and restarted, and stalled. The basic outline and dimensions of the finished unit are easy enough, but much of the construction is dependent on the widths of the wood, and the depths of the shelves.

The Gorse Fox started researching suppliers of (solid) light oak boards. This took longer than expected, and when the prices became clear, it also became imperative that the design was spot-on. There was no room for mistakes when the underlying fabric is so expensive. Having found potential suppliers of the boards, the Gorse Fox then spent some time researching the best wood glue for edge-joining boards to create the full width of the unit.

There is further research needed, namely a supplier of suitable glass for the shelves, and a suitable source for some internal lighting.

He will then ready to return to drawing the construction plans.

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