Friday, March 03, 2017


There was a lot of heavy rain over night but it eased and stopped as the morning went on. We had a quiet start. The Gorse Fox spent some time looking to see if there were any savings accounts that would provide a better return than those currently in use. He didn't come to a conclusion as he became distracted by several other options which deserved research. It would appear that there is a Nigerian Prince who just needs our bank account details so that he can release some of the twenty million dollars he has tied up in a Swiss account and appears willing to share this windfall with us. But then the Gorse Fox asked himself, "What would you do with all that money?" and decided it probably would not bring happiness**

We took a drive across to the Hillier Garden Centre. We had a fairly significant voucher that would expire in a few weeks and it was time to see what we might purchase. Despite a long review and various discussions - there was nothing that we we needed. We had a coffee and then went and chatted to the manager. After a short call to HQ he managed to arrange for the soon-to-expire voucher to be commuted into a gift card, This in turn is valid for a further two years. Major result!

** Do not, under any circumstances believe that this crossed his consciousness for even a pica-second. Also, the Gorse Fox is not a trained Financial Advisor and this blog should not be thought of as an investment guide. The Gorse Fox has no personal relationship with said Nigerian Prince (but he writes a nice email).

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