Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Under the Sheets

The Gorse Fox was greeted with heavy rain this morning. Football was going to be rather wet. Never mind - at least he had time to have a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and chorizo and didn't have to go to work!

As it turned out, the rain stopped soon after we started our game so it wasn't too bad. It was a close run thing with a final score of 2-2. Again the Gorse Fox managed to get on the score sheet. It's been a good week (made even better by yesterday's result in the Arsenal-Bayern Munich game of 1-5 ending in an aggregate score of 10-2 to Bayern - not that there's any gloating coming from this contributor, nope, none at all).

As he was driving home, the Gorse Fox's phone rang  (hands free, of course). "Hello, it's Matt from Hendy Ford. Just thought I'd check if you've made up your mind about changing?" The Gorse Fox sighed. "As I remember it, Matt, you were going to get back to me with a list of possible models that met my spec, and were available before the change in road tax." There was silence. Then a clatter of keys at the keyboard "I'm just confirming what is available, now". Clatter, clatter, pause. "Ahh, there we go. We don't seem to have any available. I'll look for order cancellations..." pause, clatter, "Err, no". The Gorse Fox put him out of his misery. "Forget it, I'm not interested. My car has only done 8,000 miles and is pristine. Why would I bother." and with that we ended the call. (The Gorse Fox thinks that, at best, he could only award D+ for effort, though B+ for cheek).

Back home the Gorse Fox checked his lists and headed off to Screwfix and B&Q - there were several components he still needed for the upcoming project: 9mm router bit, 8mm dowels, size 0 beech biscuits, 2 x 6mm sheet of MDF, 2 x 9 mm sheet of MDF, and some PAR whitewood. Tomorrow should see delivery of the cabinet grade plywood and then the Gorse Fox can get started.

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