Friday, March 24, 2017


The acronym TGIF always seemed so appropriate. It spawned the the TGI Friday's restaurant chain... and the Gorse Fox recently found a diary entry from a trip to Austin in 1990 when he first tried out the newly expanding chain. He digresses. He was thinking of what to write today and TGIF crossed his mind - then it occurred to him that TGINW is more appropriate. Being retired he can now wake up every day (not just Friday) and say Thank God its Not a Workday.

It's been a lazy day - a few cups of coffee, quick trip to the shops, a chat with the GF's tiny sister (who has also retired, now), and some web browsing. He has also had to make some decisions. What time should we leave home to meet with his very, very elderly cousin for her birthday lunch? Which rout would be best? Must say, retirement is so full of stress!

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