Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Still twiddling

Urban-Cub got some sleep overnight, but "lump" is still firmly clinging on. The Gorse Fox recommended that she took it easy if heading out for a morning jog, and to skip any weight-lifting today. (As always Gorse Fox demonstrates what a supportive Dad he can be).

The morning was filled with football today. The Gorse Fox felt a little slow and his passes were a little erratic, but at the end of session he was congratulated several times by people commenting what a good game he had played. He certainly managed a number of telling interceptions and also a number of long passes that were turned into the goal.

We're having a quiet afternoon - but expecting the Silver Vixen's cousin and husband to visit later. It should be fun because it is many years since we have met and we have arranged to go and have dinner at a local hostelry.

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