Thursday, March 09, 2017


The weather was lovely today. The Gorse Fox spent the day in the garage - there was furniture to build. He got started by stripping down some of the wood to the right width using his band saw. This is the first time he's used it since moving from Foxearth - and whilst many of the other woodworking tools were sold, the Gorse Fox hung on to this. It's such a useful device.

By lunchtime the Gorse Fox had all of the main components cut to size. He was pleased with progress - everything cut and no mistakes!
After lunch the Gorse Fox started with the marking up for routing.

It didn't take too long, but unfortunately the penultimate cut went wrong. The router bit started to chatter and slipped such that it started digging deeper into the wood until it went right through to the other side. Blast!

The Gorse Fox looked at the damage and had a think. A quick bit of redesign solved the problem but it meant the back would be butted on rather than slotted in.

Redesign worked and the Gorse Fox dry-fitted the main components (all upside down for now). He's pleased with the results for day one.

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