Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prodigal returns

There was football this morning. Krakatoa Jack has served his sentence and was back in the fold today. It was a little tense at first but the Gorse Fox had a quiet word with KJ and another with Ref the Argonaut and in the end they kissed and made up. The football itself wasn't't too special - six games where the Gorse Fox payed adequately but not well. Despite this we won 4 games and lost only two.

Back home we awaited delivery of the compressed air nailer, which turned up mid-afternoon, and the man to retrofit a part on the gas fire, who turned up late in the afternoon. The nailer looks like a nice bit of kit, but will have to wait for the Gorse Fox to have time to set it up and try it out. That's likely to be Friday. As for the gas fire - that took the fitter about 10 minutes to retrofit the part, test it, take photos, clean up and leave.

Meeting of Arun Amblers, to discuss the new Walking Football rules from the FA, is scheduled for this evening. At least it's at the football arena rather than the rather grotty club where we usually hold such events.

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