Friday, March 17, 2017

Pfffft - again

The day started early. Jasper was roaming around on the bed by 6 am. This was not popular and by 06:15 the Gorse Fox had reached a level of consciousness that demanded he got up. He consoled himself with the though that at least he didn't have to catch a train or drive to some remote office somewhere.

Coffee was taken.

More coffee and breakfast was taken.

Once the hour had become sensible, the Gorse Fox headed out into the garage. An idea had formed. As the garage has to house the car (most of the time) he doesn't have room for a workbench. When working in the garage - the car sits in the driveway and the Gorse Fox relies on an old Black & Decker Workmate and a couple of saw horse trestles. That's it. Now, it dawned on him that he still has some spare decking boards... and carefully measured they could be formed into a worktop which could sit on the trestles. The measuring tape selected the right lengths, the circular saw removed the excess and the new nailer fired nails into the boards that had been selected to brace the worktop. In no time this idea had been turned into a credible (if slightly uneven) workbench. The Gorse Fox will probably finish this off with some hardboard to give it a smooth surface - but it's serviceable even now.

The new workbench was used immediately as the Gorse Fox started the assembly of the kitchen cabinet he's been working on. Shelves were glued into the left hand side and nailed with the nailer. Everything was squared up and clamped and held in place with a temporary back board. Now the Gorse Fox will wait until tomorrow - when the glue will have cured - before mounting the right hand side and the top.

After lunch there was a brief trip into Chichester for some shopping. The wind had changed by the time we left and it was getting a bit chilly - as forecast. The Gorse Fox has prepared a nice, comforting stew for this evening. It seems appropriate to counter the change in the weather.

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