Tuesday, March 28, 2017


We had a lovely evening with old friends. It was so nice to catch up after some 30 years or so. In the old days, when we first married, we used to see them fairly often and they came to stay with us. Then they moved away and we haven't seen them since.

The evening was filled with tales, news, and laughter. Possible the most troubling memory was that of a visit when they stayed with us in Hoddesdon. Apparently, because the Gorse Fox doesn't recall the incident, we were doing some painting and as the Gorse Fox didn't like doing the window frames, our old friend stepped in to help. Worried that he would spill something on his clothes, he stripped down to his underwear to help with the painting. (Clearly the Gorse Fox was so traumatised by this, he had wiped it from his memory - the problem is that now it has been resurrected he is worried he will never clear that image from his mind).

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