Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Gorse Fox promises that this blog will not become a minute-by-minute history of Ellie. Over the years he has found that listening the grandparents discuss their grandkids becomes excruciatingly boring after a few minutes.

He makes no excuse for mentioning her today as, once the morning admin was done, the Ocado delivery stacked away, and neighbours alerted that there would be bubbles later... the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox popped across to LA to see Urban-Cub, Pistol Pete, and baby Ellie.

Clearly they were settling in, but still had to develop a regime that suited them. Ellie waking throughout the night did not fit plan - and involved a degree of tag-teaming last night.

We only stopped in for an hour. (There is nothing worse than smothering visits when you are just trying to adapt). We allowed ourselves one hour - time for a cup of tea - and then left. We had had our fix and could see that whilst they were coping well, they were clearly tired. Doting was complete for the day.

This evening we have the Sonning Crew coming round for some bubbles and a take-away. It somehow seems appropriate! (Not that we really need an excuse).

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