Saturday, March 04, 2017


The Silver Vixen wants a new dresser for the kitchen/family room. This is fine, in essence. We had taken a lot of time selecting the kitchen furniture and we like the simplicity of the New England style. The problem we have, however, is that the supplier has gone into liquidation. Wandering through the internet the Gorse Fox found nothing that really matched.

The Gorse Fox switched from hunter to gatherer. He took photos, he measured dimensions, and came up with a mental image of what we needed. A new version of Sketchup was downloaded (for 2017). Then the Gorse Fox set to work creating the exploded design diagram that will allow him to build the unit himself. This is the stage he finds very satisfying. This is the stage that leaves no mess. This is the stage that is still full of hope and good intentions.

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