Friday, March 31, 2017


Friday has been fairly quiet - but filled with conversations. Though a bit grey this morning, it has turned into a gorgeous afternoon. The phone has been a constants companion throughout the morning and has kept the Silver Vixen fully occupied. Meanwhile the Gorse Fox has managed to have an online chat with Cousteau-cub and has caught up with the gossip from Thailand.

One of the NAS devices has gone into "scanning" mode. This is when it rattles (and the Gorse Fox does mean rattles) through the contents of the disk categorising the files and preparing for its media serving functions. This is immensely irritating as it rattles away for days and interferes with the harmonious running of the systems. The trouble is, the Gorse Fox fears he instigated this accidentally yesterday by trying to access some photos on the NAS from one of the TVs downstairs.

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