Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The artwork that arrived on Sunday needed to be mounted. The question was how? Being a triptych, all three units need to be equidistant, central to the wall and exactly the same height. The height might have been a challenge - each had strings from which to hang, but the tensions were different and they were fixed at slightly different relative positions on the frames. The Gorse Fox concluded that a variation of the French cleat was required.

A 2.4m baton was marked up with the relative position of the paintings and levelled, and fixed to the wall. It was then removed and cut to size such that each part fitted invisibly behind the painting.

A "lip" was fixed to each baton and they were screwed back onto the wall - in the knowledge that they were all exactly lined up, and perfectly horizontal.
A "lip" was then attached to the back of each of the frames. Then each painting was just lifted into place and dropped down so that the lips locked. Voila - paintings hung.

The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen are very pleased with the outcome.

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