Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Sonning Crew arrived... corks were popped and sparkling wine flowed freely. We had to celebrate the arrival of baby Ellie with the neighbours after all! The Gorse Fox had set up the TV so that it could display photos of our new granddaughter - it is, after all, easier than passing round a mobile phone.

As more corks began to pop, and the nibbles started to vanish, the list was made and the local Chinese Takeaway was called. Forty minutes later, with the exchange of some monetary instruments, the various dishes started to emerge from the delivery box. It's always good value for money and though we all ate well, there was plenty left. Throughout the meal further bubbles were released and at the end we enjoyed a flaming Sambuca... that was when the "Kraken" dark rum was released. The general consensus seemed to support the contention that the Kraken is a very smooth and delicious way to end the evening. Just to be sure, however, we did have a second glass - to check you understand.

Lovely evening with really good friends.

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