Thursday, March 02, 2017


If it's Thursday it must be admin.

So it was that the Gorse Fox finished his breakfast and headed up to the study. There was a review of the energy suppliers and confirmation that the changes of supplier was under way. We have decided to move from one of the big suppliers to Bristol Energy. It looks as if this should save about £10 a month - not a lot, but worth doing.

The Gorse Fox did manage to have an online chat with Cousteau-Cub. It was nice to catch up and to hear that the Coventry Hobbit is finally back to his normal self after a few weeks of illness.

Most of the rest of the day was spent wandering through the branches of the family tree and extending the citations and sources for the information  already on file. Through 'Ancestry' you do get the chance to see parts of other people's trees (assuming they have permitted access). What this shows the Gorse Fox is that many researchers are not rigorous enough in their work. Time and again he finds leaves of family trees that appear to overlap our - then on investigation it becomes clear that these are, at best, speculative, at worst - just guesses. The Gorse Fox is very careful that he can source all of the information in his tree - birth, marriage, and death certificates (or at least the index entries), census entires, electoral roll, Kelly's directories, probate records, baptismal registers, military records, and so forth.

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