Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Spectacle - not

Well the plumber came early and the sink is all finished. We now have a fully working kitchen again. His early arrival meant that the the Gorse Fox was free to go and play football after all.

It was a miserable wet and misty morning. The rain was constant, though not heavy. It was so wet that the Gorse Fox dispensed with his shatter-proof glasses and played in a myopic miasma. The specs would have been useless as they would continually need cleaning. It was good game with the teams evenly matched. There was some debate over the final score with claims it was 5-5. The Gorse Fox believes it was actually 5-4 - but it doesn't really matter as we only play for fun.

The Gorse Fox has had contact from another local team wishing to play us in a friendly. He is busy trying to set that up for March.

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