Friday, February 03, 2017

Not much

Storm Doris hasn't come to much so far. It's grey, a bit wet and a little breezy, but either she hasn't arrived yet or she took a very different track from that forecast. The morning was spent with some domestic chores.

The first was to re-attach the wire basket on the back of the under-sink cupboard. This wasn't hard, but the waste pipes for the new sink are much lower than the old ones and this means that things need to be carefully stowed away before the door can be closed. Next on the agenda was to clean the floors after all of the traipsing in and out that has gone on this week. Fortunately we have a machine for that - it lays down a film of water with a detergent in it and then rotating brushes clean the floor as the fluid is vacuumed back up into a waste tank. Simple, but effective.

The Gorse Fox can't remember if he's mentioned it before, but we recently invested in a Tefal soup maker. This has proved to be a very successful bit of kit. For lunch the Gorse Fox chucked a yellow pepper, a courgette, a sweet potato, some lentils, some ham, and some water into the device. Closed the top and pressed the button for creamed soup. Twenty five minutes later we had a delicious thick creamy soup ready for lunch. Very satisfying.

The afternoon has been spent upgrading the software the the Gorse Fox uses for managing his genealogical research. This proved 90% successful. It looks as if the final link won't work until next week because there is maintenance activity under way at

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