Wednesday, February 08, 2017


It was a really nice day. The Gorse Fox started with an hour or two of genealogy, updating his software to the latest release and working through some recent changes. He always finds this to be very satisfying.

We met up with Old Bill and Lady Penelope and drove up to Woking. We grabbed a coffee and a snack before making our way to the theatre. (The theatre overlooks the Starfleet Offices so the Gorse Fox couldn't resist a peek through the windows to see if there was anyone there that he recognised - there wasn't). We had tickets for a matinee performance of "Not Dead Enough" - a play derived from a book by Peter James. The story was very good and worked pretty well as a play. As the Gorse Fox hadn't read the book, the denouement came as a surprise.

The Gorse Fox, though thoroughly enjoying the play, has concluded that he isn't a "theatre" person. The nature of acting on a stage requires voice projection and a degree of exaggeration of normal gestures. He understands this is necessary in order to make the play accessible to large audiences who may be some way from the stage. However, the Gorse Fox found it difficult to  switch off from this artifice. It wouldn't stop him from going to the theatre, but it would mean that the performance would need to be something that really interests us.

We had a good run back from Woking, stopping off for a bite to et at The Gribble Inn. A lovely day blessed with good company.

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