Friday, January 20, 2017

Ready, steady, go

It had been a quiet morning, waiting for the electrician. Then suddenly the pace changed.

The doorbell rang - it was delivery of the Silver Vixen's  new Passport. The Gorse Fox settled back down...

The doorbell rang - it was Two Hats. He was returning to the work surface supplier with Tinkerbell to have one more look. Thin, he wanted to tell them to go ahead and was checking whether we had any constraints. We told him no, go for it.

While Two Hats was discuss ing this with us, the door bell rang - it was the electrician. He and his mate set straight to work and 20 minutes later all was working and we had a fully functional Combi-Oven.

While the electricians were at work, the door bell rang - it was the nice man from the Amazon with a delivery. Things were getting busy, but settled back down as quickly as they had started. We had to get into Chichester so headed off, only to join a huge queue of traffic. We did an about turn and took an alternative route through Runcton - arriving with a few minutes to spare before our various appointments. The phone buzzed. It was Two Hats. They had given the go ahead and the fitters want to start on Monday.

The Gorse Fox spluttered. "Yes, ok" he said, then worried about whether he could cajole the gas fitter to come and disconnect the hob in time. A frantic email and follow-up phone call confirmed that it can be done.

Excitement over for the day.

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