Monday, January 02, 2017

Not the plan

Whilst the Gorse Fox had no specific plan for the day - spending the morning fiddling under and over the kitchen sink didn't feature in any list he could have come up with. We have had a minor, occasional, seepage round the bottom of the kitchen tap. This morning the minor seepage became a significant seepage and intervention was clearly required.

Kitchen cupboard was emptied, sink traps removed, water turned off and tap disconnected. No sign of the problem. Clearly the Gorse Fox would have to take the monoblock unit apart. He had a diagram of all the components but it was only when Two Hats came in to give a hand that we managed to prize the unit apart and find a slight leak in a ceramic valve. We reseated this and put everything back together. The leak was cured (at least we think it is).

It was then a matter of putting the sink traps back in place. Simple in concept but in practise this turned out to be a nightmare. The Gorse Fox couldn't get a tight seal and the water dripped when the sink was emptying. In the end a trip to B&Q was required so that a new seal could be obtained. Even with this new seal it took several attempts to actually sort it out.

Definitely not in today's plan.

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