Sunday, January 01, 2017


The Urban-Cub now has the keys for the new house that she is moving into in a couple a weeks. We took the opportunity to go an meet her at the house whilst she and Pistol Pete were doing the inventory. It's a nice house with plenty of space and has been well cared for by the landlord. They are clearly very excited by the house - and quite rightly.

When we left, we stopped off at the DIY stores to look at the options available for replacing our kitchen sink. There seems to be quite a large choice - but it is a matter of getting something that is both practical (unlike the current sink) and will actually fit. We seem to have narrowed the choice down, but none of the options is perfect.

We also looked at some cupboard inserts that allow the shelves to slide in and out. These looked perfect but when we got home an measured up, it became clear that the existing cupboards are a non-standard size and these inserts would not fit. The Gorse Fox suspects he will have to make something himself.

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