Monday, December 12, 2016

Scans or photos

A quiet morning involved a bit of (unsuccessful) research into Urban-Cub's dash cam followed by a stroll into the village to post off some Christmas parcels and to get the Gorse Fox's hair cut.

With excitement reaching such an intense level, the Gorse Fox was almost overcome when the Silver Vixen found a few more photos and wedding favours that needed scanning. He disappeared up to his study. The photos were done first - without incident.

The Wedding favours (invitations, cards, etc) proved a little more problematic. The scanner kept dropping its connection, so the Gorse Fox resorted to using his camera. This proved ok - in terms of the quality of the images... but as they weren't being held in place by the scanner lid, he was getting distortion from the way in which some of the cards were folded. In the end he had a bright idea. Old Bill used to have a picture framing business... might he still have a sheet of non-reflective glass hanging around? A quick message confirmed that he had and 10 minutes later the Gorse Fox restarted the exercise and is very please with the results.

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