Thursday, December 08, 2016

Domestic sorts

Thursday - so no football. The day started with an email informing the Gorse Fox that his parcel was out for delivery. By 08:30 his new Nowo Woll casserole pan had been delivered. This triggered two activities. The first was the usual administration of the accounts - the pan's purchase needed to be recorded. The second was a clean up of the cupboards that had contained all the old pots an pans. Many hadn't been used since we moved in, indeed probably not since we left Kingston Gorse. A pile of pans stands by the back door to await a trip to the recycling centre.

The Gorse Fox had to call the suppliers of the new work tops for which we had received quotes. The issue is that for either supplier to create the templates for the new tops, they need the old tops removed. This is not something that the Gorse Fox feels happy doing. One supplier expects it to be done, the other expects it to be done but for £150 will do it for you. Given the overall cost, this is not too much of an issue. We still need to decide whether to go ahead.

The afternoon was spent pouring over Christmas food catalogues looking for ideas and suggestions for the various Christmas menus. In the end we placed an order with M&S for some of the items which we can collect just before Christmas. In another burst of activity, the Gorse Fox has even managed to dig out the Christmas cards.

It's all go, you know!

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