Friday, December 09, 2016

All that Jazz

A relatively quiet start to the day (despite Jasper insisting that the Gorse Fox should let him out before 07:00 this morning). Most of the morning was spent on domestic activities and a little online shopping.

After lunch the Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen headed into Chichester. She had been quite taken by some glasswork on a stall in the Christmas Market when visiting on Tuesday. It was now up to the Gorse Fox to turn this into reality. The chap running stall was quite chatty and we heard all about the little enterprise that his wife runs and he helps out with down near Sherbourne in Dorset (and their problems with the website and their intended migration from iPad to Samsung tablet - as GF said, he was chatty).

We strolled into North Street. We had come to really like the restaurant "Amelie & Friends", but that had closed down in the summer. A new restaurant, called Purchases, has opened in the old premises do the Gorse Fox popped in to have a look and we both looked through the menu. It's a little pricey, but looks as if it would be great for special occasions. We''ll just have to try it and find out. Oh well!

Leaving the restaurant, the Silver Vixen spotted a shop that demanded further investigation.

The Gorse Fox left her to it and went to listen to a couple of buskers. They were really good and played some excellent numbers. The drummer was playing on what looked like a kiddies miniature drum-kit, and the huge saxophonist was playing an instrument the size of a 16-inch canon.
The perfect way to spend a few minutes whilst the Silver Vixen browsed. The Gorse Fox could have listened to them all day (but the car park ticket demanded his return).

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