Monday, November 14, 2016

Spam and snaps

The Gorse Fox has just had a "spam" comment left on this blog. This is first one for ages and as he vets all comments before he releases them, he has deleted it. He wonders what it is about this blog that makes the spammer think that "Dating" is an appropriate thing about which to comment and provide a link.

The Gorse Fox's experiments with Lightroom have all been successful so he is likely to switch over from Picasa in the near future. All of his photos have been catalogued now, and the facial recognition seems to have been pretty successful, though there will have to be a period of refinement. What used to be categorised in albums will probably be re-cut into collections - but there is no hurry for that. Picasa isn't going to crash and burn any day soon - it should continue to work until some fundamental change is made to OSX.

As usual, the Gorse Fox has already thought about the backup regime for Lightroom and the Lr system is being backed up as this is written. This has been running for several hours so far - but that shows how much data there is to lose if the master catalogue is corrupted or destroyed. (Secondary backup will be set to run overnight to a second NAS device).

In other news Urban-cub's car should be back from the repair shop this afternoon. We must give credit where it is due - Tesco Insurance has been superb so far, and assuming the body shop met its quality targets she will have the carr back on the road within a week of the original incident.

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