Sunday, November 06, 2016


A chilly start to the day. It was only 3C when the Gorse Fox headed across to the football arena. Once we got started, however, things soon warmed up and the Gorse Fox was pleased score the opening goal from a slick interception. We ran out winners with a score of about 8-1 (we sort of lost count a bit).

Back home Urban-cub had gone for a walk with Pistol Pete down on the beach at Wittering and the Silver Vixen was on the phone to her cousin. The Gorse Fox resumed the task of scanning and categorising old photos. A batch from 1980 and more from 1981 were processed - and, as always when you go through old photos, many memories were stirred. The Gorse Fox is using a utility called EXIF to actually modify the metadata for the scanned images. This allows him to insert the correct dates into the image and those ensure they get filed correctly.

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