Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Trump, eh? It's a funny old world.

Being an optimist, The Gorse Fox just hopes that the new President is able to fulfil some of his promises and that wise people are able to stop him fulfilling many of is others. The thought of a massive shake up of the political elite does rather enthuse the Gorse Fox.

Meanwhile, back here there was football to play - the world hadn't ended after all. The Gorse Fox enjoyed the game a little less today - clearly four days in a row was beginning to tell. Though he didn't feel physically tired, he found that his timing and accuracy were off and his concentration wasn't quite as good as usual.

Back home and a quick bite of lunch then the Gorse Fox headed off to Chichester. The new dentist was waiting to manage his check-up. a very nice lady she turned out to be and kept a detailed running commentary through the examination. Verdict was that the Gorse Fox has very strong and healthy teeth - and had too much unnecessary intervention when he was young. This latter point was good to hear as the Gorse Fox has held this view for years. Anyway he was given a metaphorical pat on the head and told to return in 6 months.

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