Sunday, November 13, 2016


There was no football today. We could not muster sufficient players to form two teams.

The Gorse Fox made the most of the time and scanned in another year full of photos. This was a busy year and there were plenty of photos to add to those already in the library. Trips to Cornwall, Thorpe Park, Tenerife, Poughkeepsie, New York, and Kingston (NY) all featured. In fact The Gorse Fox also went to Toronto that year, but has no photos to show for it.

With everything scanned and catalogued, The Gorse Fox also downloaded the 30-day free trial for Adobe Lightroom CC. This, as explained recently, is a possible replacement for Picasa. Playing with it for a while, it clearly respects The Gorse Fox's file structure and allows for geo-tagging and face recognition. Now the question is whether it can cope with the volume of photos. So far The Gorse Fox has imported all the photos from 1868 through to 1986. He will try more tomorrow.

At lunchtime the Sonning Crew met up at Old Bill and Lady Penelope's. He has a new talking alarm and we are key-holders. We had to be introduced to the system and have it explained in case we are ever needed to intervene. It appears that several bottles of bubbly, some sausage rolls, and some mince pies were all needed to ensure a successful handover of system knowledge.

As we left we were aware of a steel that we thought was gas. Old Bill called out Transco to get it checked and their diagnosis was that it was unlikely to be gas but may be a dead rodent in the drains. Further investigation will wait until the morning as the gas detector is coming up clear at present.

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