Sunday, October 09, 2016

Well fed

Another lovely day. The Scandinavian high that is dominating our weather and holding the usual Atlantic weather systems at bay is providing some lovely sunshine. The Gorse Fox had football in the morning. The turn out was almost too good. We had to split into 7 vs 6 and that is a bit too crowded in the indoor cages where we play. We had fun though. It was a good natured game and ended with a 7-6 win for the "yellow" team. The Gorse Fox was on the "orange" team, however.

Back home and showered we met up with the Sonning Crew and wandered down to the Pink Pub for a beer (or two). As usual this turned into a very enjoyable chance to chat and catch up with all the news and plans.

Urban Cub didn't join us at the Pink Pub, she stayed home to unpack from her holiday and then to start on lunch. She had volunteered to prepare the Sunday roast - and who is the Gorse Fox to deny such a request.

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