Thursday, October 13, 2016


Thursday - so we have admin and household things to fill the day.

The Gorse Fox was delighted that his new glasses arrived today. They took a few minutes for the Gorse Fox to adapt to the new prescription and the difference in the lenses. Now, and hour or so after trying them on, he feels quite at home with them and has noticed a significant improvement in the near-sight correction.

After lunch the Gorse Fox had to take the Qashqai for its annual service. It is a nice day, so he made the most of the weather and walked back from the garage. He just hopes they phone early enough for him to do the return trip on foot, rather than get the other car out.

Sonos is an interesting technology and the Gorse Fox was looking at some of its new features today. He can now stream podcasts and media directly from the iPhone (which he hadn't realised). This is, however, limited and will not work for every media application... most notable the BBC Radio iPlayer. This isn't a major drawback as he can still listen directly from the iPhone, but it would be nice to be able to stream it through Sonos.

Talking of the BBC Radio iPlayer, if you have never listened to "Mark Steel's in Town" then you are missing a masterpiece. He picks different towns across the country. Visits them for a few days, researches as much as possible, then does a stand-up comedy based on what he has discovered. The Gorse Fox thinks they are just brilliant, and recommends them most highly.

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