Monday, October 03, 2016

Oil over now

Another lovely day (though a wee bit chilly to start with).

The Silver Vixen continued to potter in the garden - the lavender by the front door needed a haircut and the two small topiary trees that we had in pots had got some tiny parasite infestation. This was clearly killing them off. We had to get the loppers and cut them down when it was clear thatchy were so badly affected.

The Gorse Fox made use of the nice day to finish oiling the decks. It took a long time - but then the deck is big. Looking back on it the Gorse Fox can't imagine how he did the whole deck in a day last year. It certainly needs to be done over a couple of days in future. The finished result does look nice. It's brought out the rich colour of the wood - snd will, of course, protect it for the winter.

We decided on a Chinese take-away to reward a hard day's work. We hadn't tried the highly recommended Fai's Kitchen. We worked through their extensive menu and finally made our selection.  The Gorse Fox grabbed the phone to place the order. That's when he noticed that they are closed on Monday. Doh! The Gorse Fox grabbed his wok, some chicken and vegetables and made our own stir-fried chicken, consoling ourselves that it was probably a to cheaper and a lot healthier.

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