Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Wednesday - so it must be football. Though it looked chilly, it turned out to be quite mild and the sun soon broke through. We all met up for our usual football game and The Gorse Fox played for the yellow team. It was tight and though we were a one player short, the yellows were 1-0 up by half time. In the second half we had the extra man and the game played out to a 4-0 win. No goals from The Gorse Fox but a few good shots and some timely interventions.

In the afternoon, The Gorse Fox went with the the Silver Vixen to her physioterrorist appointment. He is always happy to provide support and encouragement and this time he was instructed on how to use a particular pressure point to reduce the nerve pain. Having said that, there is clearly no gain without pain and use of the pressure point itself was clearly very uncomfortable.

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