Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Disgraceful, there was a bit more cloud today. The Gorse Fox knows that Cloud is the latest and greatest movement in IT, but it really isn't needed in the South Coast skies. (The Gorse Fox recognises the need for rain - that should be managed such that it occurs overnight).

Football was interesting today. We had sufficient players to split into 4 teams and have a round-robin 5-a-side tournament. The Gorse Fox likes these sorts of games in the smaller cages as there are no stoppages because the ball never goes out of play. Though closely fought, The Gorse Fox's team ended up as winners of all their games. These did include a goal from The Gorse Fox, taken in the mode of Andros Townshend... dart along the right wing, dink inside and hammer the ball past the goalie. Very satisfying.

The Gorse Fox needs to do a bit of research - the backup system seems to have stopped launching automatically based on its schedule. As he isn't storing or changing much at present, this isn't a problem. He suspects this is a bug introduced in the last update. He'll monitor it carefully and, for now, launch the system manually.

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