Thursday, September 29, 2016

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It's Thursday - that should mean Admin, but didn't quite work out that way.

Having got his eyes tested and opting not to get new glasses at the optician's, the Gorse Fox spent much of the morning looking for online suppliers that could provide what he wanted at a lower price. (This given that his current glasses cost £650 seemed like a reasonable quest).

A significant number of vendors offer online spectacles and, at first, many look very inexpensive. You do, however, have to go through most of the ordering process to work out the actual cost.
Frames, ker-ching;
lenses, ker-ching;
varifocal, ker-ching;
tint, ker-ching;
UV protection, ker-ching;
photochromic, ker-ching....
and so it starts to stack up. It's a bit like buying a BMW... the body costs a bit, but if you want engine, wheels, seats, steering wheel and so forth, you have to keep adding to the price.

Anyway, in the end, he did find a suitable pair and placed his order. We will wait and see how it works out. For just over £100, he can afford to have made a mistake (a few times) before it has cost as much as his current pair.

Come the afternoon, The Silver Vixen and Urban-cub headed off for a girly afternoon watching the latest Bridget Jones film. The Gorse Fox was left to his own devices. He used the time to walk down to the beach at Bognor (2.2 miles), pick up some parking permits, and stroll back via Alnwick (2.7 more miles). It was lovely walk and blew all the cobwebs away.

We meet up again in Chichester late afternoon and had a bite to eat at Frankie and Benny's. After several previous disappointments - this was much better. The staff were friendly and on the ball, and the food was very good.

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