Monday, September 19, 2016


Cloudy and grey after a bit of overnight rain, but that wasn’t about to stop us. After a hearty breakfast, the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox headed up to the railway station (about 5 minutes walk) and caught the train into Truro for a look around. It seems that we made the right choice for travel. When we got there we heard that some people had spent over an hour stuck in traffic, following a road traffic accident on the route from Falmouth.

We strolled down into town, about a ten minute walk. We had no preconceptions, but thought that the Cathedral would be a good spot to visit.
We were greeted by a Cathedral helper as we entered and provided with a visitor’s guide and directed to where the guide commences.  (It will be interesting comparing this to one we have at home dating from the 1940s).

The Cathedral is built in the Victorian Gothic revival style, being constructed relatives recently, between 1880-1910.
It was’t huge, but it was cosy - if a little “antiseptic”. Somehow the ancient cathedrals have a warmth that seems to radiate from the very stone. The perfect engineering of the stonework at Truro seems to lack that atmosphere. It is, however, clearly a very wonderful building and was well worth the visit.

We moved on and found our way through the side streets. Truro is really very nice. It is like a larger version of Chichester. There was an interesting selection of alleys and roads, lined with a wide assortment of shops - not just the usual high street names (though they were present). We stopped for a coffee at Waterstones, then carried on exploring.

We found our way to the Quay - but because of the tides there was only one boat back to Falmouth - and that not until 15:30. If it had been a bit brighter, we might have taken this option. It was still grey (though a little brighter) so we decided to stick with the train when we decided to head back.

We wandered through the pannier market and then looped back up by the Cathedral, stopping for a drink and sandwich at The White Hart. Fed a watered, we did one more loop through the town and headed back up to the station.

The train just shuttles back and forth between Falmouth Docks and Truro, it came in to the station (its terminus) and we boarded. A girl was already on board - engrossed in her mobile phone. She must have been inbound as we were first on for the return. She sat there and continued texting.
The train started to fill, the driver walked through to the cab. The doors closed and the train headed off back towards Falmouth.
The girl uttered and expletive and grabbed all her stuff and charged down the aisle towards the door. Too late. She was going to have to stay aboard until the next stop. The Gorse Fox hopes the texts were really important bacuase she was going to be very late for wherever she was headed.

We have another trip tomorrow. This took a little more organising, but you'll hear more about that in a subsequent post. The Gorse Fox is, however, a seasoned enough traveller to recognise that the email information that had come through, did not seem complete. He phoned the agent. Sure enough only one of two emails had been sent. It was the missing email that would be needed in the morning. Problem is now rectified and all is set for the next adventure.

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