Wednesday, September 14, 2016


It is Two Hats' birthday. This seemed like an opportunity for the Sonning Crew to get together for a curry. The Gorse Fox had prepared for this by taking a small present round to the restaurant prior to our visit. All was set.

Two Hats, Tinkerbell, Lady Penelope, and Old Bill joined the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox as we strolled in the evening sunshine towards the restaurant. A gravitational vortex caught us as we passed the Pink Pub. This dragged us in and would release its hold until a drink had been consumed. We moved on and settled at our usual table. Once the usual proceedings were under way, the waiter delivered the present. It caused gales of laughter when Two Hats opened it to find a framed copy of the sketch Old Bill had put on Facebook. The joke was really on both of them... and they took it well.

The meal was very good as usual. It seems strange that the quality is pretty good when eating in, but the take-away is, at best, average. The Gorse Fox had a chicken tikka biriani. It was delicious, but is wasted in its current form. It has become clear that it is an endless source of wind energy and could probably, with the help of turbines, power huge portions of the national grid.

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