Friday, September 09, 2016

Quiet day

Today was a very quiet day. It had been a little wet over night, but dried up quickly and, though grey, remained warm and dry for the rest of the day. Various domestic chores filled the morning for both the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox.

Cousteau-Cub called up on Viber. It was the Coventry Hobbit's birthday and the call gave us a chance to chat with him and catch up on his day. Ad which, apparently, started with "the breakfast of champions" - bacon, sausage, and a can of Guinness. Not, perhaps, the Gorse Fox's first choice, but he seemed delighted. There were a couple of interrupt to the call - caused by momentary power cuts in Koh Lanta caused by the storms they were experiencing. Each time, Cousteau-Cub managed to call us back within a couple of minutes.

When Urban-Cub got home from work, after a very long day, she related the tale of a passenger who had gone berserk in central search today. The problem appears to have stemmed from a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. In the end it took eight armed police officers to subdue him and eventually cart him off for a night in the cells.

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