Thursday, September 15, 2016

Parking Assist

It's been a quiet day. Urban-cub was up and out in the very early hours for her shift at Gatwick. The Gorse Fox was also up early. His hip was aching (no idea why) and that was keeping him awake and making him fidget. That was unfair on the Silver Vixen so he got up and settled himself in a chair in the Orangery. Jasper, the cat, however thought this was his cue to get up and start playing.

Being Thursday, there was the usual domestic admin to complete but one out of the way, the Gorse Fox went back to car manuals and had a play in the Silver Vixen's car to make sure he knew how to use more than just the phone connection on his mobile phone. There are, after all, podcasts to process! Indeed one our favourite podcasts has a backlog of 33 episodes.

Whilst processing this, he also checked out how the automated parking facilities work (we've only had the car for two years!). Certainly the parallel parking is simple enough. It works just like that in the Passat. The bay parking facility is, however, far less simple. Thank goodness for the all round cameras which mean the bay parking feature is less important.

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