Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nantucket Sleighride

The title may not be familiar. Nantucket was one of the centres of the whaling industry. A Nantucket Sleigh ride was the aftermath of a tethered harpoon hitting a whale and the whale setting to try an escape, dragging the whalers' boat behind. (For the record, Nantucket Sleighride was also a track made by the band Mountain - Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi and Corky Laing, cut in 1971 and one the Gorse Fox's favourites).

Why, you may ask, is this blog discussing whaling?

Well, you see, the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox made the most of the glorious weather and popped into Bognor for a walk along the promenade. As we strolled along dodging the mobility scooters (and obesycles) and taking long detours round people that were so big that that they had their own gravitational fields, the Gorse Fox reflected on what a good job it was that the whaling fleet were not in town.

Now, the Gorse Fox has no problem with "people of volume" - his comments are based, not on their size,  more on the sheer number that were gathered in such an area.

Anyway, we had a lovely walk and stopped for a coffee at a suitable spot. When we felt we had walked far enough we did an about turn and headed back to the car and on home.

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