Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last Day

It is the last full day of the holiday. We have done so much, but there is still much to see. We, again, had a leisurely start, the Gorse Fox wandering round to the shop for some milk for our morning cup of tea whilst the Silver Vixen chatted on the phone to Urban-Cub.

We made up the day’s literary on the spot. None of this pre-planning nonsense for us. Tinker ell had mentioned a chocolate factory in Mullion and that seemed like a good option.

As we prepared for the day, Cousteau-Cub managed to get through on Viber. She might be in the middle of a rice field in Ubud (Bali) but she had got internet access. As it was her birthday we had a long chat (though did have to manage a couple of drops in the call). She’s obviously having a good time and will be staying put until the weekend when she moves to the coast for some diving.

We headed out to Mullion. The chocolate factory wasn’t really very extensive - in fact it was reminiscent of the one we visited in Toronto. They did have a good selection of dark, milk, and white chocolate confections, though.

From there we wandered through the various other craft outlets. The artist gallery was quite nice and he is clearly talented - but his style didn’t suit the Gorse Fox or the Silver Vixen. It was a bit too twee, a bit to HDR, a bit too “new age”.

Returning to the car, we found our way to Mullion Cove, parked and wandered down to the harbour. It was very picturesque (even if there was some renovation work going on). The harbour is owned and run by the National Trust and it really is a very special place.

We wandered around for a while and sat on the harbour wall watching time pass. The sun was beating down, we were sheltered from any wind and it really was very tranquil.

Eventually it was time to head back to Falmouth for some shopping and later, some dinner.

We chose to eat at The Ranch. This was a restaurant that specialised in beautifully prepared steak, pork, and chicken. We both selected the ribs. They were perfect. So tender that as you showed them a knife, the meat dropped off the bone in surrender.


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