Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Intellectual Pygmies

You have to worry about the intellect of many of those who call in to programmes such as The Jeremy Vine show.

One of today’s topics arose from the report that “New research from America suggests that children born by caesarean section are 15% more likely to be obese.” A researcher from a UK University was interviewed to provide greater insight and clarity before the callers were let loose. These people then tried to insist the research was incorrect because they were born by C-section and were not obese. Or alternatively, prove it correct because they fed their C-section delivered child every hour and he grew up to be obese.

The Gorse Fox would point out that the research suggests an increased propensity towards obesity of 15%. That means that a) 85% are not affected, and b) the 15% have a higher likelihood - but not that they WILL be obese.

The Gorse Fox often has to turn off the radio - the levels of stupidity and ignorance displayed by the callers makes him want to shout at the radio (and that would be stupid!)

Another discussion today was whether the UK should discard the metric system and return to Imperial Measurements once we have left the EU. Most of the callers espousing the return to Imperial were clearly elderly. The Gorse Fox believes that his generation is the last generation that was taught and used Imperial - the last generation for whom it has relevance. It would be a ridiculous retrograde step to even consider such a move. It is almost as if it was raised just to get the nutters out of the woodwork.

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