Friday, September 16, 2016

Driving Miss Daisy

Well, the Silver Vixen, anyway.

It has been a long drive as we we set off along the Jurassic Route towards the West Country. Traffic was slow, but steady and, had we not stopped for a comfort break at Bridport, we would have arrived at our first stop by the SatNav's estimated ETA of 1300.

As it was, we were a few minutes late meeting up with Mrs Tiggywinkle and Badger for lunch at The Anchor in Cockford, near Exeter. It was a nice little pub with a superb menu which included about a dozen different mussel dishes. Badger indulged, but the Silver Vixen stuck to gammon, Mrs Tiggywinkle had the scampi, and the Gorse Fox had a ploughman's.

It was lovely catching up on all their news and plans (they are about to go up to Northumberland for a week) and updating them on ours. It was also a chance to gossip about the latest goings-on at Starlet (as we had all worked there at some point, and Badger's son still does).

After a couple of hours it was time to crack on and after wasting 15 minutes stuck in traffic whilst watching a coach try to negotiate the bends and cars in front of us, we finally got back on the move. The traffic was easy until we approached Bodmin. Then we lost about 40 minutes to roadworks. It was nearly 1830 before we finally arrived and took up residence in the apartment.

It was approaching dusk and a bit cloudy, but the outlook is nice and it's handy (2 or 3 minutes walk) from loads of restaurants and bars.

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