Sunday, September 04, 2016


Having scanned several hundred photos yesterday, the Gorse Fox is now working through them. He is trying to identify the faces of those featured and the dates when they were taken. So far the range starts in 1925 and continues up into the early 1970s.

It used to be simple. The Gorse Fox could just drag and drop the photos into the correct folder for the year... but since Google changed the way that photos are archived in Google Photos, the Gorse Fox has to be more careful and actually change the metadata in the photo (EXIF data) to make sure the internal data reflects the correct date. This is a huge pain as it would have been so much easier for long-term users if Google had respected the folder/album structure that we had spent so many years perfecting.

The Gorse Fox includes this "selfie", and points out that he's hardly changed a bit.

Oh well, there's still a whole bunch to work through, but they can wait for another day. There's dinner to prepare and and England match to watch.

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