Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Jasper the cat demanded another early start. As it happens the Gorse Fox was already awake so was not seriously inconvenienced.

Tuesday so it must be football. Egg and bacon to load up with protein and stave off any huger pangs then a quiet drive across to Worthing. It was sizzling but not to heavily. By the time the Gorse Fox was changed and out on the pitch, it had dried up and we payed for about 90 minutes in the dry. It was only the last 30 minutes that saw the drizzle return. By the time the session was over the Gorse Fox was damp but not soaked.

He changed and headed out to the car park. A nice lady was striding through the cars and said "My car's gone" - no panic, just matter-of-fact. The Gorse Fox asked what sort it was, and what colour. "Audi TT - silver; and I parked it here" she responded, pointing at an empty row of cars spaces. The Gorse Fox started to look around the car park... perusing each lane of cars in turn. There, nestled at the end of the first row was a silver Audi TT. "That's it" she cried. "It probably moved itself to a more convenient spot" said the Gorse Fox. "Yes, that must have been it" she said and rushed off to the car.

The Gorse Fox got into his car and drove home. That was enough excitement for the day.

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