Tuesday, September 13, 2016


What an astonishing day. The temperatures have soared and are still hovering around 30C. The sun has been, metaphorically, cracking the pavements - and the temptation is always to try the old "fry and egg on the sidewalk" experiment. (The Gorse Fox suspects it would make quite a mess, and be somewhat unpleasant to eat).

There was football this morning. Two hours in the full glare of the sun.  The Gorse Fox loved it. He feels that he played a blinder today - drawing two games, but winning four. He mustered a good and well-organised defence and allowed the mid field and attack to get on with their job without having to track back too often. He also managed to have several well timed shots on goal - all on target, but unfortunately saved. Super couple of hours.

Back home, it was nice to be able to make use of the water and ice dispenser. It's too easy to dehydrate on a day like this. (The consumption of some southern fried chicken may, actually, be contributing to his thirst).

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